Designing New Worlds


Hello, I am Saqib Rasool.

As a social engineer and a serious student of life, I am committed to bringing about a radical shift in the hearts and minds of people with right technology, so that their work becomes a source of great satisfaction and wealth for them. 

If we look carefully all of our grief and stuckness comes from our understanding of what we are doing when we say we are working. This manifests itself into a kind of coordination waste that can make any venture and any enterprise dysfunctional. 

My work commitment comes from being in the world observing chaos and degradation in enterprises and observing the impact on their humans.  

My work is to learn and bring forward technologies, systems and education, to help organizations and people get unstuck, thrive, grow and be tremendously productive. 

I learned skills for my work with the help of mentors and great human beings like my parents and siblings, Sohail Anwar & Friends, Syed Mehdi, Fumei Sung, Yilei Wang, Bruno Alabiso, James McManis, Sonia and Victoria Ruelas, Chauncey Bell,  and notably Fernando Flores. 

I have been practicing these skill for the last 20 years by hacking, developing, and managing key projects, products, and markets at Microsoft (1998-2006), founding and leading 2 technology startups (Metafos and inCampus 2006-2010), and building an innovation lab (Conceivian 2010 - 2012).

In all this search, I had been looking for some way to bring about a new way of thinking to eradicate dysfunction in business. This led me to build and run Harvester, Inc. with a dear friend Chauncey in 2015. 

I live in the Seattle area and travel globally for my clients. In my free time, I enjoy making art, reading, writing and meeting with friends. I am also a student at Pluralistic Networks