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Pjarna as a Business and Life Strategy



Tibetan Buddhists have a practice and a technique that they refer to as Pjarna (translated as Gaining Wisdom Through Telling of The Truth) that I have found highly useful in personal and business situations. 

Recently I was consulting with a senior executive in the video game industry who found himself in a messy situation with board of his company. It was hard to tell at first, who wanted what, and why a tremendous amount of money was being wasted on fruitless money-loosing product. Using Pjarna technique, within 30 minutes of our conversation, she could tell ethical players apart from unethical players and form strategy on what to do next. Within next few days of meeting with right people, she was able to produce results, and put product on right direction. She requested that I write up something about this technique that may help others. 

Pjarna is about telling the truth. Telling the truth is often the hardest thing to do, and is the ONLY way to freedom, and enlightenment. Pjarna involves detaching oneself from the situation, from emotionality of the situation, from the expected outcome of the situation and seeing the situation for what it really is.  

Then telling the situation how it really is.  

Then fully accepting the situation how it really is. 

Only then the doors to freedom, new possibilities, new actions, new solutions open up.  

Till a person continues to see the situation as the person wants to, he is manipulating the truth. It is mostly due to the fact that person doesn't like the situation or the current reality is not producing an outcome that is welcomed and favorable to the involved observer.  

Detachment produces near magical power for detached observer, of seeing past, present and future. There is indeed no magic. 

I once asked a friend - "how do you know the matters so accurately so often". He told me that he is usually not attached to the outcome of matters. At one point, even him I saw taking a fall and I knew at the time that this man of great Wisdom was deeply attached to the outcome, hence his "magic" failed him in a situation. 

There is a famous saying that "Truth Shall set you free".  Someone humorously added to it "But first it might kick your ass" 

Telling the truth requires seeing the truth.  Seeing the truth require, first fully accepting the truth.  Accepting the truth is also accepting one's own fate (fate as in situation at the moment).  It usually comes as bad news at first glance. As it did for me many a times. But acceptance brings about new insights and new practical solutions to the problem, that transcends previously held notions of the problem and completely disappears the issue altogether. 

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