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Innovation Catalyst


I help entrepreneurs build new businesses, and bring significant growth and improvement to current business by combining 20 years of experience in designing, building and running businesses and my broad study in Computer Science, Business Design, Continental Philosophy, and Management Systems.  

My ideal client is an empowered leader who is ready to grow their startup or small business. I love innovators and people with entrepreneurial streak that see their problems as opportunities and have a sense of urgency to do something about it. I love fighting alongside an underdog. 

Using my experience and proprietary methodologies, I have helped:  

  • organizations reduce cost by implementing cloud based IT infrastructure.
  • enterprises build an innovation department (skunk-works lab).
  • enterprises modernize their marketing and build brand equity.
  • rising leaders reach their full potential.
  • entrepreneurs build their startup from idea to launch.
  • startups accelerate their time-to-market and growth.




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Historical Navigation


'87. Born to an electrical engineer and a bureaucrat, built robots and participated in competitions at the age of 14. 

'90. Started a flag and banner printing business for political candidates at the age of 16 with my father. 

'94. Studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Minnesota State. 

'98. Designed and Managed major projects at Microsoft for 8 years. 

'06. Built Metafos, a secure decentralized payment system startup. Acquired at Series B by Aussie investors. 

'10. Founded Conceivian, a first of its kind startup lab with Kunal Mahajan in Seattle. Built 15 startups. 

'14. Participated in a 2 years course, Dwelling, with Dr. Fernando Flores and studied continental philosophy and social theory. 

'15 Started Harvester, Inc. with Chauncey Bell to help businesses realize their full potential. 

'17 Launching with Pat Larsen, Drew Nordstrom and Bryan Starbuck as a Tax Managment platform for Cryptocurrency Investors. 

'18 Launching, the action coordination platform for decentralized teams.